Tuesday, February 7

Backyard Cooking

This weekend was glorious. I mean it. Glorious. We had gorgeous weather on Saturday and we decided to play in the backyard and that led to our decision to have a cook out. But not just any cook out.

We decided on a backpacking backyard cook out. Chicken on a spit, potatoes in the coals of the fire, asparagus also in the coals, and bread cooked in a dutch oven. I've been really yearning to bake bread so I got my feet wet and baked some in the dutch oven - the best bread I've ever had. Not kidding.

My dad came to hang out too. Andrew and I have never roasted a chicken on a spit before and it was a bit of a learning experience. We actually ended up eating in shifts! We enjoyed the bread first, then the potatoes and asparagus and finally the chicken. Which we had to finish in the oven. It wasn't a total fail but, I plan on attempting it again. I really want to have things like this down pat and then be able to take it on trail. How cool would it be to be waaaay out in the tullies and whip a chicken out of your pack and cook it on a spit along with some delicious side dishes and feast?

Really flipping cool.

So, we'll meet again backpacking meal. And when we do prepare to be cooked well. Again.

xo Shannon


Kat said...

I miss the days when we had backyard cook outs. When we lived in Pittsburgh we had a great yard connected to the woods and we would roast hot dogs, corn on the cob, and make s'mores!! mmm... making me hungry.

Averie Swanson said...

ahh! I love creative camp cooking.

And men always look so happy when they are gathering wood. :-P

call me debbie said...

Ok this is beyond imagination! And i am stuck in the most ugly city in the word with maybe 2 (or none) parks, i miss the nature, i miss the wilderness of my parents house! I want to go to the forest and gather mushrooms and berries, i wish i could! love the place of your house, you are so lucky!! * a bit tempered today :D*

(New blog needing some love and support: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

Kristin - My Life as a Teacup said...

This makes me long for the days of summer bonfires at my friends' house. I have no yard here, and I love cooking over the fire (though we haven't done too much real food yet, just desserts >.>) This looks like such fun!

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