Friday, January 6

Home Tour: Our Kitchen

A while ago several of you asked to see a bit of my home after seeing some of my vlogs! I was really flattered (thanks for your interest!!) and excited about the whole idea. It is kind of a cool way to keep up with how we decorate right now and it'll be way fun to look back on after we've moved and grown in our style too!

Our little kitchen is just that, little! But with some creative storage we make it work :] Almost everything is vintage or has been thrifted. We prefer it that way! If I was allowed to paint it the cabinets would have chalk board paint in the inlay so we could write notes to each other and have a menu displayed. How fun would that be?

Thanks for taking a peek inside my home! I'll share the rest soon!

xo Shannon


Gentrileeblog said...

Hooray! I looooooooove it!! So cozy,special, and adorable. :) can't wait to see more!

Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh. my. god. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen!!! Can Jen and I come live with you? ;)

Sara said...

So sweet. E and I like to have our home filled with vintage and thrifted too and I love the cozy feel it gives to our home. I love your wooden shelf full of percolators and can't wait to see more of your spaces.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So cozy, love it!


Anna Wiley said...

Love your decorating style! And your kitchen looks so inviting and cozy. :)

jenni austria germany said...

it's so cozy! esp. with the snow outside.

Jordy said...

I love those tankard-style items on your shelf! Such a great cabin feeling!

Laura said...

What a sweet little space! I am a fan :) and love your fridge-packed with lots of art love is how it should be!

Malou den Dekker said...

Hahhaa, your kitchen is lovely! As you say, it's not big, but it's very cutely decorated and for some reason really reminds me of the witches house in Hansel and Gretel which is so much more important than size! Looking forward to the other parts of your house!
Xx Malou

cb said...

your kitchen is so cute. i LOVE your table. we are looking for a diner style table about no luck yet. we will find one, i just know it!

call me debbie said...

Ok i have to say it, i adore this little kitchen! It's a small, mini paradise for me! Can i come at 8 o'clock tomorrow to bake a cake?? ;))

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Memory Reese said...

love, love, LOVE y'all's kitchen! i love thrifted things. (:

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