Wednesday, November 23

Wordless Wednedsay | Favorite Shots from Recent Sessions

xo Shannon


Nadine said...

Very pretty shots indeed! The third picture looks especially pretty and that family is so cute!! I love how much fun they're having in the fallen leaves. Precious!

Thanks for sharing!
Love, Nadine

P.S.: I hope you're doing well?! XO.

Gentri said...

Such fun pictures!! Love them! I'm hosting a fun giveaway and would love for you to enter!

Valerie said...

Love what you captured in those grad pics!

Erin said...

You take such gorgeous pictures!! :) Love those grad shots!

Sara Reeves said...

The graduation ones where she has "travel items" and such scattered about? Wonderful! :) They all are, but those ones are my favorite. They tell such a story.


cb said...

the leaf fighting is to good! what great moments to capture!

Melissa said...

I'm loving the ones with the grad and suitcases walking away, as well as the one of the family peeking from behind trees! So lovely!

amberupbeat said...

Great work!

xo Amber P.

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