Thursday, November 3

We have a winner! I actually can't believe this because we were skyping yesterday and she mentioned the giveaway and how she was excited to find out who would win even if it wasn't her. Congrats sweet friend!

Andrew has the day off today! He has decided to go back to school for an associates in business so he's taking the accuplacer test. We've been spending almost every free moment studying for it and he seemed pretty ready when he left for it a few minutes ago. If you're reading this - send him some good vibes! I think he was nervous.

We went down to Panacea for lunch and a bit of coffee so he could clear his mind and we got to watch people checking out our gallery. It's so thrilling to watch people look around and find something they love on our trees! It makes the hard work worth it! I realized that I haven't shared our gallery with you guys yet so look for a post soon about it!

Happy Thursday!
xo Shannon


Gentrileeblog said...

sending good vibes. :) And I'm loving your new blog look! (it changed right??)

Shannon said...

Thanks lady! It did change, just a wee bit here and there but I'm pretty pleased with it too! :]

Sara Reeves said...

I can't wait to see more gallery photos. I'm so happy for you guys, and yay for Andrew and school. I hope the test went well. :)


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