Friday, November 11


I am completely in love with double exposures and circle prints. There is something magical about both of those styles and they both draw me in so much. With that being said, I decided to try and combine the two and I've created a few images that I really really love! When I saw what came of my little creations I knew I wanted to share them but I wasn't sure how. When I showed them to Andrew he sat on the couch with me and just stared at them. And so our fine art line was born!

We've decided to call it Repose. These images are some of my absolute favorites and they depict places and things that are so very dear to my heart. My goal is for someone to look at these and fall into them, to get lost in them. To have a moment of repose when they see them.

Since we're all part of the handmade and art community I'm sure you can relate with how vulnerable this makes me feel! But, I'm really glad I have a community of awesome readers that will celebrate this new adventure with me. It's exciting to keep going down this path and growing my photographic taste and style.

If you're interested in either of these images, drop me an email: shannon{@)}shannonbear{.}com and we can discuss details! Thanks for sharing this with me!

xo Shannon


Lo Hood said...

This is so great! Good luck to you guys, I'm sure you will find success with this. I also love your "giving back" post! You inspire me! :) -Lo

Ashley @ said...

I love these! The first one is absolutely amazing!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

That's beautiful, I love both the pictures and the name! How exciting to start this new adventure! It would be lovely to see the whole photos as well, I mean before you make them circular, just to compare.

xo Lisa

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