Wednesday, November 9

I'm Here!!!

Eeeeek! I was too excited learning yesterday and completely forgot about this little space!!! Sorry, friends. I'm back, I'm here! I have to tell you, I've been reallllly busy shifting my frame of mind to a better place and finding my motivation. It's been scary and exciting all at once!

I came to the realization over the weekend that I kind of have been sucking at life. Okay, reallllly sucking at life. So I've decided that rather than moping around I'm going to learn. I love learning and I'm home with the time to do it so I'm gonna!

Let me start a the... start. Andrew and I have a Canon t2i and an xsi. We borrow my papa's t2i when we have shoots. I remember when I first got Ira (xsi) I was a woman with a dslr and I could take on the world. I had NO idea what editing was but I knew I had a camera and I was going to embrace that medium and see what I could do. One afternoon dad and I went up on the parkway and we took some photos. It had snowed and we had to take advantage of that and the opportunity to use the 4 wheel drive. I came home after that feeling alive and invigorated. Partly because I love snow, partly because any quality time with my dad is priceless, and partly because I knew I had gotten some amazing shots. And then I got published.

I kind of wanted to faint and fall over when I found out this was going to be in a magazine! A 1/2 page spread with my name. What the whhhhaaaat?!

So remembering all of that and where I am now and how our biz is doing (and where I'd like to see it go) I decided I want to love Amos (t2i) as much as Ira. I'm going to learn everything there is to learn about this camera and love it. All the while dreaming of a 5D and a 7D. Literally, I dream about them. While I know that one day we'll be successful enough to purchase these for our biz, we're not there yet. And I think we take really stellar shots with our t2is so I'm really hopeful about that one day.

So on top of learning about Amos I'm taking a marketing class online. It's going on until Friday and if you're like me and you can commit a specific 4 hour chunk of your day to learning I'm going to encourage you to check it out. It's called Newbie Basic Training and it's put on from Sarah from The Joy of Marketing. I went to school for marketing but this is much deeper than just advertising. It goes into business plans, projection, promotion, pricing.... all kinds of great things! If you can't commit the time right now you can buy it for $99! Pretty sweet deal.

I have some more things to share with you guys but, I have to get ready for class ;-) Let me know if you check it out, I'd love to know what you think!!

xo Shannon


AmyMorby said...

Glad you're back, miss. I missed you!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Oh my that's amazing!

Glad to have you back ;)

Sara Reeves said...

I'm so glad you're doing something for YOU like this and excited to hear how it goes. You're amazing and it's wonderful you're doing what you can to make things happen. :)


cb said...

yay glad you are doing something positive! i hated knowing that you are bummed! we all need distractions from live and i hope this proves to be positive for you! can't wait to see more <3

None Ofyourbusiness said...

Glad you've found something that makes you feel excited again hun. It's tough to break out when you find yourself in a funk, but it looks as though you've done it. Good on ya! x

None Ofyourbusiness said...

My name is not "None Ofyourbusiness by the way, it's Kim! Not really sure what happened there..

Erin said...

You do not suck at life! :) love your blog girlie!

april o said...

I la la LOVE your log! Gorgeous! I am your newest follower, cant wait to look around! xoxo

Shannon said...

Yay! Welcome, April! I'm excited you're here :]

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