Tuesday, November 1

Elevenses and Happy Freaking November!

Happy November! Is there really a better way to bring in a new month by an elevenses post? Not on this blog!

I enjoyed this cup at a local cafe with lunch amid a crowd of tourists. It was an interesting time. I have a confession to make. I don't usually like the coffee from this place. Enter your reaction:

You: What?! Shannon you don't like the COFFEE?! You love coffee!!
Me: Yes, fair reader. Don't despair I can explain.

So, I don't like *dun dun duuuuun* drip coffee. We've used a percolator or french press for so long that unless it's made with a steel basket, I can taste the paper. That's what this place uses, a paper drip. So I always taste the paper and it's gross. So we walk into this place and it's totally full except a table in the back so we run to it and let out a sigh of relief as we look over our menus and take off our coats. Andrew goes to get a cup of coffee and I give him a disgusted look as he winks and makes the journey through the tourist crowd to the coffee bar.

He made it back unscathed if not a little disheveled with a big steaming mug. And even with my knowledge of the paper taste of this place I couldn't help it. God forbid I'm ever in a life and death situation and I'm asked to turn down a cup of coffee. Seriously. I hope it's not you if it happens. Or Daisy.

He hands the cup off to me, I smell it - cautiously - and take a sip. Enter transformation into sunshine happy land now, complete with waterfalls and unicorns and rainbows. It was so good. It was a butterscotch flavor and a dark roast! The best part: no paper! I really think that's what lead off our great lunch. It was great to sit in our local spot and enjoy a married moment and of course, watch the tourists gawk over things they had bought and talk about our town. With a really great cuppa and a sweet Husband even the tourists don't seem so bad.

Do you have an experience like that? I'd love to hear about it! Also don't forget to enter the sponsor giveaway! It closes on the 3rd. And check out my side bar ----> there are some super awesome blogs to check out over there. Do it to it!

xo S


cb said...

ok if you ever come here again i am taking you to my favorite coffee place and get your opinion. i love coffee too and no always a fan of drip coffee sometimes it tastes oddly fruity or worse, BURNT! i love percolators, they have this nice grainy taste to them.

Shannon said...

oh man, right?! let's do it! I like a percolator too because you can leave the mother in the basket and it makes it soooo smooth. its coffee love at it's finest!

Lo Hood said...

Wow you ladies are true coffee fanatics...I just like coffee but I can tell that if I really got into it I would have an opinion too. Good thing I'm basically blind to it! I'm glad you had a great lunch with your husband...sometimes just being with someone you love for a bit really makes a difference in your day! :) -Lo

Shannon said...

It's true, Lo. When you get into it and settle on what you really like, you can tell a huge difference when it's done differently! It's true, sometimes being with my Mr and having quality time can turn around my whole week!

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