Friday, October 28

Hobbit Vests, Fedoras and Commentary

A couple of weeknds ago Andrew and I went to a local Fall Festival and we had the best time! There was a great vibe and everyone was pumped on being out in the color in our town. Even the tourists were bearable, which is a big deal. Somehow we always seem to get the most obnoxious tourists, probably everyone everywhere feels that way but we get all of them. Promise.

Anyways, I digress. For whatever reason Fall brings with it my need to wear my hobbit vest and my fedora. Dunno why, but it does. It also brings the need to check out abandoned buildings on our main street in broad daylight. Because, that's not illegal or anything.

Andrew is really great at taking photos. Just saying. So we check out this building and kind of fall in love with it. Apparently it was an old diner, we want to open up a diner now, just because of this building. Thanks, Fall.

Once we were finished exploring and gawking over the dumbwaiter we decided to do a little thrifting. As we were leaving Andrew wanted to get a shot of me outside of the building. As we walked out and he was about to get me to pose for the photo, two guys (obviously partners) walked by. So I'm awkwardly standing there (any of you that do outfit posts in public know what I mean) and this is their conversation:

Man 1: Oh, she's cute.
Man 2: Way retro, though.
Man 1: *pause* Yeeeaaahhh....

Andrew got my face as I was listening to this and a shot of them as they walked away. It may or may not have made my day.

I don't think I knew that hobbit vests and fedoras made you look retro, but I'm glad these dudes clued me in. It was kind of awesome!

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xo Shannon

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Ashley said...

Hey!! Coming Over from follower Fest!! Love the hobbit vest and fedora:)
Super cute!

Ashley @ said...

Too funny! Those awkward moments when you're taking pictures in public are so worth it for stories like this. ;]

Kristin Antosz said...

The hobbit vest + fedora combo is awesome! Looks super comfy and perfect for fall :)

Gotta love the overheard comments when taking picture in public, haha.

amberupbeat said...

Such a cute outfit! I love taking pictures of abandon buildings, it's just so neat to think of what they were like in their hay-day.

xo Amber P.

Kate Brophy said...

Just saying Hi from Style Outside the Box! We would love to do a link swap with you! :) New Follower from Oct Fest! :) Come say HI at Don't Forget to Enter Our Blog Fest Contest!


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Hobbit vest hihi ;)

Lariats and Lavender said...

LOVE your hobbit vest, hehe! Also, hilarious convo between those two guys and oh my god, love your expression afterwards!

Sara Reeves said...

Can E and I just move to NC and oben a diner with you and Andrew while exploring the mountains on weekends? :) Anyway, your a cute-patoot and I love your hobbit ways. :)


apockylypse said...

I LOVE diners! Especially retro ones.

There was this adorable diner in front of the place we stay at when I got on vacation with my in-laws, but sadly it closed down before I could ever go there. I hear they had the best milkshakes ever. I always dream of buying it & moving down there to reopen it.

cb said...

you are so adorable! i love LOVE that vest on you! i am super jealous that you guys when to a fall festival! we didn't get a chance to go to one this year cause they are all on the weekends :(

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