Monday, September 12

What I Wore | Foxy Nails & Mixed Patterns

Happy Monday! I think I'm still riding the blog party high a little bit. Any one else feeling it? It was prettttttty spectacular! I gave the blog a little face lift over the weekend, too; I love how it turned out!

New followers: I've been going through some of your blogs and I'm loving it! L-O-V-I-N-G it! You're all so awesome and creative. I'm excited to have you on the shannon*bear ride!

This weekend was so off and fun all at once for us. Andrew worked for part of it, we went up on the mountain, had family dinners, saw a few old friends, had run ins with sweet folks around town and yet saw very little of each other. I do have a few super fun shots for Wednesday though. I can't wait to share them with you! Wanna see what I wore on Saturday?

I kind of love how you can see Andrew reflected in my eyes
Do you like to mix patterns and colors? It's one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes you just need that extra little umph in an outfit and mixing, well, it just works. Plus, can we talk about how I needed the tights? Like the weather made me NEED them.


Autumn, is that you?

The September light has been so inspiring so far, I love how it ushers in magic and makes everything soft.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Salena Gomez (don't judge)
Tights: Sale at Walmart
Shoes: Dansco
Necklace: My Shop

I'm going to work on my journal for 30 Days this morning. I haven't started yet (eeek!) but I think I can play catch up today. I can't wait to get started! Who knew making lists could be so fun?

xo Shannon


Lazyexplorers said...

That dress is adorable! I would never have guessed it was a Selena Gomez design!
Xo Chloe.

Ashley @ said...

Super cute look! Love the new blog design, too!

Sara Reeves said...

I'm a fan of the new blog design and of you in all your cuteness! :)

Andrea said...

awesome dress! I love that print : ) Foxy nails too! that Amy is full of great ideas xo love your blog design

Lo Hood said...

Thanks for following lady! Your outfit is so cute! Your eyes are so so pretty! I'm sure thats not the first time you've heard that! Have a lovely day! :) -Lo

cb said...

eep you did the nails! i want to do this when i redo my nails again! i love mixing colors and patterns, the best part of dressing up!! you look sooo cute and i can't wait to hear about wednesday!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Cute pictures ;)

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