Friday, September 9

Photography Fun with Susan

Hey there!  Susan here with Fowler Photo in Virginia!   When I first talked with Shannon about taking part in this blog party, I wasn't quite sure what to post about, but then I figured, why not post about my favorite thing?

But I have a lot of favorite things, so narrowing it down took some time.  Then I came across this picture from my 2nd shooter at a wedding in June, and it clicked... there is rarely a photo session that I do where I am not laying on the ground at some point.  

 Photo Credit: Hannah Shope

Besides making my clients feel more relaxed (because, really, they'd have to be wearing clown suits to look more ridiculous than this), it brings out a whole new side to an image.

35mm  f/1.8  1/125 sec   ISO 200

A new perspective turns centerpieces into masterpieces.

35mm  f/1.8  1/125 sec   ISO 200  w/flash bounced off reflector

So sure, it may feel silly to be wallowing on the ground, and you definitely get dirty, but when a client gasps when they first see their image... it's worth it!

18mm  f/3.5  1/80 sec   ISO 200
35mm   f/1.8   1/400 sec   ISO 100

So that's it folks-- sweet & simple, yet can dramatically change your images, whether you're taking images of your 2 year old, or a high profile fashion shoot.

I'll leave you with one more example.  Here is an image I couldn't get while standing up, or even sitting down.

35mm   f/1.8   1/320   ISO 200

See below?  I tried... I can edit it exactly the same, but it's loses it's wonder & intrigue.

35mm   f/1.8   1/320   ISO 200

So get down, get a little dirty, and enjoy a new perspective!

35mm   f/1.8   1/320   ISO 200

I love this! New perspectives in photography always promote an adventure in your creative process! It's so fun! Be sure to head over to Susan's blog to see more of her photography and read about her life! She's pretty rad, this one!


kate said...

I really love photos of peoples legs/feet - sometimes i think it's more interesting than seeing faces. xo

Sara Reeves said...

I agree. I love trying out shooting from different angles and find myself glued to the ground quite often. :)

Kajira said...

awesome photography! especially loving the kitten, cats are so hard to photograph. :)

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