Friday, September 9

Party Time!

Welcome to my very first blog party! I'm holding this to celebrate reaching my goal of 100 followers, the start of my favorite season, Fall and the beginning of my sponsorship program! Eeeek!

I'm SO excited about everything I have in store for you. There was such an out pouring of support when I posted about this party. So many amazing bloggers have joined in to celelbrate with me and I feel so loved! I've got 8 guest posts for you with a few fun recipes, a fun DIY and 4 giveaways!

Speaking of sponsorship spots - check out the right sidebar! See those shiny new buttons?! Those are my sponsors right now! They're a few of  the bloggers that have participated in my party! Be sure to click around and visit their corners of the internet. It's worth it. Promise!

We're getting started in just a few minutes. Be sure to pop in though out the day to see what is happening and to sign up for the giveaways!

xoxoxo Shannon

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