Friday, September 9

Haikus with Katie

Hi everyone! I’m Katie from Hazel & Mare! And I’m really happy to be here for Shannon’s blog party!

On my blog, I combine two of my favorite things: poetry and crafts. I share a daily poem with my readers, and to illustrate the poem, I feature a talented artist or craftsperson from Etsy. I am a big supporter of buying items uniquely made by artists, so sharing their work on my blog is my own little way of promoting the handmade movement. My poems are usually pretty silly, but I love making my readers smile!

One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween! I love making costumes (I’m currently working on a Buddy the Elf costume for my fiance), going to haunted houses (even though they scare the pants off me), and watching scary movies (or rather, hiding under a blanket in terror while a scary movie plays in the background). Okay, I’m a huge chicken. But it’s all in the spirit of the season! Therefore, I thought I’d share with you some spook-tacular haikus to help you get in the Halloween spirit! It will be EEK-citing!

"On Why It's Always Smart to Have Your New Home Ghostbusted Before Moving In, Just In Case"

If I had a ghost
I would be most concerned that
He'd see me change clothes

Dang Mr. Ghost, can't you give a girl some privacy? Spooktacular new Halloween decorations by Janee of Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Check her out on Etsy!

“On How We Needn’t Really Worry About Zombie Attacks Lasting Very Long, for One Reason Which They Have Yet to Address in the Movies”

No immune system
They’ll die from the smallest germs
Just sneeze in their face

If the zombies somehow got into a bus or a public restroom, they'd probably drop dead in seconds. Marie Antoinette Zombie Artwork by BearyCreative. Check her blog and Etsy!

“On Why You Should Probably Sign Your Kid Up for Boy Scouts”

"Always be prepared"
He'll help you live in the woods
When zombies attack

He’ll also learn to tie knots and stuff... also useful. Zombie amigurumi by Milky Robot- check her out on Etsy!

Isn't Katie the cutest thing? I love her take on haikus and her crafty heart! She always makes me smile with her wit. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and check out her latest poem!


Katie - Hazel & Mare said...

Hooray!!! Thanks for featuring my haikus on your awesome blog party! I am going to have so much fun looking through all the stuff that everyone posts today :) Happy blog party day!!!

amberupbeat said...

I can't wait for Halloween this year! I had to work the weekend of Halloween last year but they let up dress up so I was a Lumber Jill with a little foam axe in my back pocket. I don't know what I'm going to do this year but I want to do something fun for sure :)

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