Tuesday, September 20

Going Green

I've been having to keep this a little secret until now and I'm so so so excited to share this with you! I'm pairing up with the amazing women of Little Somethings by Little Lo Hood, The City Bird's Nest & A Lost Feather to bring a new feature to you guys about going green. We all hear about reducing our carbon foot print, going organic, save the Earth, etc. But for me, it's overwhelming. PROPAGANDA!

Save the Earth! 

....Who? Me?

So we're going to break it down. What can YOU do, as an individual, to go green? What can you do in your community, your area, your studio or even just your back yard to help out Mother Earth? I'm really excited to start this with you guys. Here are a few words from my cohorts:

Hi, I'm Lo of Little Somethings by Little Lo Hood, a place where I share adventures, amazing fellow Etsy owners, and crafts. I think that being green means helping and preserving our environment. I know that we can do this by recycling paper and bottles but more recently I've come to understand that "green" can encompass fashion as well. I started this project to help inform people on the many ways in becoming more green because my home state is Vermont and I am in love with its beautiful natural landscape and would love to keep it that way. This project has also turned into such an exciting and fun project especially since I am working with some amazing ladies who have fantastic ideas. We will be coming up with different DIY's and tips on becoming a little more green and we hope that you all will enjoy and maybe learn a little in the process. I'm looking forward to sharing with you lovelies a dress DIY...I love it so much!

Hello! I'm Sarah and I blog about art, travel and adventures over at A Lost Feather. I spend as much time as possible outside hiking, bike riding and walking my little fluffball, Boo Radley. Among my favorite places to explore are the Hudson River Valley, near my home in New York, and Yosemite National Park. The great outdoors has given me so much happiness and I think it's time to return the favor. I hope that by participating in this awesome project I'll learn a lot more about different ways to be green. I'm also super excited to share fun and pretty green-friendly diys.. I hope you'll stay tuned and get ready to be more green! 

Hi, I'm CB from citybirds nest, a place where I share my bike riding adventures, outfits and my crafty treasures. As an everyday bike rider I am already on the right path but I know there are other ways that I can help by making better decisions. It is all about the little things we do each day that can help improve the way we live and help the planet that we love oh so much. What if we broke down that idea to something much smaller or tangible, like say the redwoods or my front yard? What can I do to help preserve them and keep them here for generations to enjoy? Several ladies are participating in this new little venture and you can to! From fashion diy's & helpful green tips, we are here to make it fun and hopefully make a habit of making greener choices for everyday living. hope you can come and play!

Are you excited yet? Yeah, me too! Keep checking back for new updates on our projects, DIYs, and easy ways to make green choices!
xo Shannon


Gentrileeblog said...

Just popped over from lo's blog and am so glad I did! What a wonderful idea you ladies came up w! :) and I love your blog!!

K Gambell said...

This is a fantastic idea... I've done a lot of study on sustainable living so I look forward to reading more xo

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

That's awesome, Shannon - very cool idea!

Sara Reeves said...

Love love love this. Can't wait to read more!


Cydny said...

This is a fantastic idea, looking forward to reading more of this and learning crafty ideas to stay green!

apockylypse said...

I can't wait to see what all you amazing gals come up with! I've tried to be a little more green, but it can get overwhelming (especially if you just jump in head first, like I have). Getting crafty & green is definitely something I'm looking forward to seeing.

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