Wednesday, September 21

Daily Daisy

I love this shot of her. Look at those earnest eyes! She was very serious in the moment and I was determined to get this shot. I think she posed for me. I think she knows she's in a family of photographers and has decided to pull her weight. Which makes her AWESOME!

xo The Bears


Ccpb83 said...

i oh i just want to cuddle her until the end of time! she is the cutest! this picture is killing me! i am sure her little ears are velvety soft too!

Sara Reeves said...

Ha. Smart dog! And super cute and adorable too. She must be the best snuggler.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Eeeekk!! Love love LOVE. She is adorable.

Sarah McCay said...

oh my gooodnessssss so cute and that coloring- gorgeous!

Mona said...

She is gorgeous!

apockylypse said...

She has got one of the sweetest & most photogenic faces I've ever seen.

My beagle boy does his part for photos too. Some of the poses are just too funny for words! Just wish is was easier to get pics of my sweet princess, if only she didn't want to kiss the camera all the time.

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