Thursday, September 1

And, We're Off!

Holy! It's here! 30 Days of Lists, or more affectionately known as "30 Days" around here, has started! I can't wait to start art jouranling my lists, it's such a wonderful creative outlet and a great way to document the beginning of Fall! If you haven't regestered yet you can do so by-clicking-this-link-because-you-don't-want-to-miss-out-and-for-$6-you-can't-beat-it.

And in case you have ANY doubt, remember, I'm sponsoring it. So I totally dig it. So, one could deduce that it's going to be pretty cool.

Just sayin'.

I made something SUPER cute last night for one, Taylor Boyd. I'll be back to share it and a few other goodies this afternoon!
xo Shannon


cb said...

can't wait to read all about your lists! i love your 'rawr" face, too cute!!!!


Manda Jane said...

I'm doing 30 lists too! So excited about it!

Sara Reeves said...

Pretty pumped about it! :)

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