Tuesday, August 30

Wanna Weigh In?

So a few months ago I took the plunge and added some sweet pink undertones to my hair and I LOVED it! But, I like change. I'm one of those kids that likes change....gasp! I've been hunting around for not only a new color but a new style. I am absolutely obsessed with ombre hair, I think it's gorgeous. But, I don't really like the typical coloring for me. Of course, we'll have to go with something different. That is where you come in!

For Fall I want something that is a little more orangey-yellow-rusty-redish-pretty. But I also love the idea of green or aqua. What do you think?

Ah! So many choices and all of them beautiful! It's a good day when you have a lot of choices for your crazy hair color, no?

xo Shannon


Mama said...

Are you jokin' me? My vote is that you don't do this to your gorgeous hair that came to you through my great hair gene. Ha!

Earl-Leigh Designs said...

I really like the second one and the last one. I would be SO jealous of your hair!

cb said...

yay!! oh i am not sure what you should do but i soooo want to get lavender highlights in my hair oh so bad!!! i love the colored tips, soooo pretty!

abby said...

oh the ombre affect for the hair! i've never tried this when my hair was much longer. i think it would've looked pretty. i think you should go for the autumn colors :)

Sara Reeves said...

I'm not big on the brighter colors, but think it would look neat with more earth tones. Like fading into browns and oranges. Hmm. I'm not sure I've seen photos like that, but it'd be neat to try.

Heather said...

I've been totally wanting to do the same thing! I say go with warm colors too...maybe save the aqua for January!

Brooke . said...

Yes to colored hair always. I just wrote a post similar to this, actually. I really want to get some blue, purple, and pink into my hair sometime soonish.

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