Monday, August 8

Style Crush | Lipstain

So I love to get gussied up and feel super pretty, like any girl right? But I have no idea how to pick out a lip color that works for me. Usually I just look around and pick out a color that I like because it's so pretty; but its never something that will work with my skin tone or it makes my teeth look yellow (hello, I drink enough coffee as it is, I don't need my lip color to remind me). So for now, or until I get brave, I'm merely drooling over some super pretty lip stain.

I am loving the Sassy Mauve, Fruity Nude, Berry Smooch and Wild Berry Wink! I just think they're really pretty! I'm not gonna lie, with a name like Wild Berry Wink, I'd wear it ;-) How do you pick out your lip color? What are you loving right now for makeup?

xo Shannon


AmyMorby said...

I LOVE that lip stain! My friend is a makeup artist and helped me pick it out. She swears by it, and I do, too! It's so cheap and not as drastic as lipstick. I use #435, but it's weird because it doesn't match that picture you have there. Anyway, I LOVE it! You should definitely just get some to try.

cb said...

i love these, i had them in every color almost at one point but just haven't gotten around to buying more!

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