Thursday, August 11

A Lovely Visit

My sweet friend, Marlee is in TOWN! She brought our friend Lesli with her too, we've been playing a little bit today. We also did a quick vlog for you guys to document the day! I promise I'll post some photos from our visit today but here is a fun little re-cap from the two of us! Enjoy :]

xo Shannon


Jenna Rogers said...

Soooo cute! It sounds like you guys are having a great time. I miss grandparents used to live there and we visited them all the time...I keep telling myself I need to visit and if I do I've got to check out the pub!

Sara Reeves said...

Oh my gosh, you all are too cute! I can't wait to see your thrifted finds, and I love your top! :)

Marlee Bourey said...

I just love the fact that the screen shot Youtube chose was one that from a distance, looks like I'm picking my nose. Awesome.

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