Monday, August 1

Daisy Bear Chronicles Vol. 1

I have two words: she's home! Andrew and I planned to ride down to SC on Friday evening to spend the night and pick her up on Saturday. I got a HUGE surprise when I learned that we were going down on Friday but not to spend the night - to pick her up!! We ran to walmart like crazy people, I swear it was like a cartoon tornado of us blowing in to grab her pink collar and camo leash and running out of the store to get on the road. Yes, pink collar and camo leash, I've been saying that since I was in middle school and for whatever reason, it stuck! We were full of anticipation on ride down there, 3 hours of Pandora and puppy talk.

We FINALLY got there and I held her almost the whole time we talked to the breeder and got her papers ready. She rode the whole time in her bed home and was the sweetest thing.

I've decided to start this little feature, so I can put down what she does and when she does it for you and for me! I want to remember all of her growing up. I hope you don't mind :-)

Since we've gotten her home we've seen her:
howl in her sleep
whine while she eats
get lost in the house and cry for us
smell her way to food
recognize our voices and run like crazy to us
drag her bed all over the house by the tag
chew on shoe laces
find her bark and surprise herself
tilt her head to the side when you talk to her
watch her wheels turn when we call her name
play...a lot
look like a shark with her crazy milk teeth
jump and bound
fight her leash
roll in the grass
find out what a cat is
sleep on my chest
chew on Roofy's tail and ears
carry her bone around
and have a few accidents

It's been quite an eventful few first days for us. For my very first dog, let alone puppy, I think things are going pretty well!
How was your weekend?
xo Shannon


Alejandra Luaces-Riera said...

I melted!!!

Katie said...

Awww!!!! She is the cutest little thing! She sounds very scrappy and sweet! I am dog crazy lately, and I have never had one, but I just can't wait to get one :) This is such a cute post and I'm so happy for you and your new little pup! Have fun!

Mhmimms said...

Love the pic of her and Bro. She looks so tough!

cb said...

she is so adorable and she sounds super precious. take more pictures, i want to see more!


AmyMorby said...

I can't handle how adorable she is. I am dying! That picture of her running. Congrats, puppy mama! We just brought home another cat, so we new fur baby moms together. Are you dying at how cheesy this comment is? I might be. Anyway, congrats! She's amazing.

Amylou said...

Adorable! Love them all!

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