Tuesday, August 16

Chocolate Croissants | Recipe

Good Morning, friends! So I love to cook right? But I don't get to do it that often, honestly because my kitchen and its 3 feet of counter space (literally) doesn't lend a lot of inspiration. But, this morning I decided to make something a little different. It's a spin on a regular croissant. Now, I faked it. But if you're proficient enough to make your own croissant and be Julia Child for an afternoon, go for it. Then come over to my house and teach me!!

You will need a few:
Chocolate Chips 
Pre-made Croissants 

Separate your dough and spread it out on your cookie sheet

Add your chocolate chips and roll those bad boys up. 

Daisy was pretty excited about the whole thing. She just really couldn't contain herself.

Bake 'em and enjoy!

xo Shannon


Brooke . said...

Mmm sounds delicious. Nice shots.

cb said...

what a great little recipe and sooo easy! those croissant rolls are my favorite too!

Katie from Hazel & Mare said...

This is so flippin' clever! I love chocolate croissants but I never thought of doing them this way! You are so smart! And it seems like a recipe I could actually handle! ;) Thanks a bunch!

Sara Reeves said...

Way simpler than I was imagining when I saw the title. Will definitely try this out soon. :)

tia ann said...

how clever :) i'll be making these tomorrow for my hubby!
i'm a new follower and i'm looking forward to reading more:) found you on my girl thursday!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...


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