Sunday, August 14

The Bear Turns 25

I found these two beauties at the same time, just in time for my birthday! Little things like this touch my heart, don't you love finding something super special? Fall is my favorite and I love finding two toned leaves, and of course a wee daisy! So special!

I'm excited to be turning 25, I think it's going to be a super great year! I'm also going to work on a 25 things do to before I'm 26 list to share with you this coming week. Happy Sunday, friends!

found here

 xo Shannon


Nacole said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Nadine said...

Hello pretty doll,
have the happiest of birthdays! Enjoy your day, eat loads of yummy cake and do what you wanna do!
Feel hugged!
xoxo. Nadine

Laura said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

cb said...

happy birthday sweetie!! hope you have the most fantastic day ever!!!!!!!

Cydny Pina said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy YOUR day! :)

Sara Reeves said...

Happy happy birthday! :) I love your little nature treats!

Can't wait to see your list! :)

Katie from Hazel & Mare said...

Hoorayyyy! Happy birthday! I am so happy for you! 25 is a great year!! :)

AmyMorby said...

yay happy birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it. I hope it was a glorious one! :)

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