Friday, July 8

Fill-in Friday

My plans this summer include getting a wee puppy, spending lots of time with loved ones, celebrating our 1 year anniversary, and my 25th birthday! 

The best summer I ever had was um, last summer I'd say. We got married and went on honeymoon and had a fantastic celebration for my birthday. Though, this one is a pretty close contender :]

Summer is my least favorite season because of how bloody hot it gets. But, seeing as how I have a lot of lovely things going on each year in the summer, I may start to warm up to it (eh, get it? warm up! hahaha).

My favorite summer food is ribs, corn, deviled eggs, slaw, and THE CAKE. 

The best way to quench a summer thirst is with omg, Andrew and I discovered my new favorite beer, it's called Young's Double Chocolate. It's a super heavy porter and it tastes like Guinness and chocolate all rolled into one delicious package!

My summer uniform consists of lots of skirts, dresses, tanks, and worn out jeans!

The best thing about summer is Andrew.  

Happy Friday!
xo Shannon 


maria medeiros said...

Really sweet! You have so many positive things going! :D Very nice! I remember my 25th Birthday. not too long ago. *giggles* I feel old. haha Summer is my least favourite season also. I love fall and winter. :D My favourite summer food is Barbecue. Anything on the Barbe is great! I love asparagus, corn, salads and fruit. I love cold coffee. :D I don't drink beer but the beer you mentioned sounds really yummy. ANything with chocolate is okay with me! :D my clothing for the summer is tanks and capri pants with flip flops! :D Ive said too much! Better go, have a wonderful summer!!!!

Ashley @ said...

I love deviled eggs! YUM! :]

Mrs. Biscuit said...

A puppy! I'm so jealous! The hubby and I have decided to get a dog... when we buy a house... so, not for a long time :/

Oh and I agree about the cake. I want cake right.this.minute!

shannonbear said...

Ah! They're sooo good!

Shannon said...

I understand, I've actually never had a dog! It's taken my Mr. & I a year to be in a place where we felt comfortable getting one! It'll be time before you know it! :]

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