Tuesday, July 12

Creative Small Spaces

Andrew and I are renting possibly, the smallest mountain cottage ever constructed. It's the coziest house I've ever been in but it presents a challenge when trying to store things. We literally have 3 feet of counter space, just enough room to squeeze in a table and chairs, a closet straight out of the 20's and a bathroom that reminds me of the hotel bathrooms in Paris. I'm always looking for creative storage ideas and decorating to take advantage of the space. I'm super inspired by this creative idea! It's a home made out of shipping containers!

Isn't that fantastic?! I'm dreaming of an open floor plan in our next place and lovely airy colors! How do you style your small spaces?

xo Shannon


Susan Pressley Fowler said...

We've lived in 4 places since we got married-- 2 large & 2 tiny. We try to keep as little belongings as possible. Knick-knacks & collectibles are very few in our place & we take trips to Goodwill whenever it gets out of hand. Everything has a place & if it doesn't, we create one or get rid of it! Right now with baby on the way, it's getting a little hairy... there are new baby books that don't fit on our bookshelves & baby odds & ends taking over our guest room!

cb said...

i know what you mean! we have a tiny little cottage too. we are actually going to do some summer cleaning so we can make room and just get rid of stuff we don't need!


Shannon said...

We're doing the same thing! I'm itching for some redecorating too!!

xo Shannon

Shannon said...

We're on the opposite end of the spectrum! We love vintage things so we scoop up lovely pieces when we can and find cute places for them! I'm sure you've got baby paraphernalia taking over! That's always the way it goes, wait until you start nesting, you'll get all of that organized in no time!

Anne Lenehan-White said...

My boyfriend and I have a teeny tiny apartment too! It

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