Tuesday, July 26

1 Year Camping Trip

**Since I've been gone a few days, I've gotten an overwhelming response to the 1 year celebration and I just want to say THANK YOU for celebrating with us, I so appreciate your lovely comments and sweet thoughts! I'm pretty sure I have the BEST readers, ever! ♥**

This weekend was... beautiful.  When we were planning our trip we decided on three key factors for where we would go.

1 - Close to a water source
2 - Closeish to the vehicle (so we could bring in the dutch oven without falling over prostrate)
3 - Not very popular (the last thing we needed was ACDC to come down the trail)

We found it. In the area we live there are probably easily 1,000 places that would have worked but the place we went was beyond. It was magical. We used my tent for the very first time and it was super cozy! We had a little cooking area, and a HUGE fire pit. It was super wet so when we got there we started setting up right away and then gathering wood. Thankfully it was still warm despite the elevation so we were good until we got the fire going... which took some good old ingenuity. I feel like if you can get a fire going with wet wood - like wringing the water out of the tender - then you can probably do anything.
It rained a little on us and we loved it, we had a tarp up so we got the fire going strong and pulled our coleman stove under the tarp and got the coffee going and enjoyed listening to the rain in our chairs and had a little lunch. Have I mentioned that everything tastes better in the woods?

We did a little exploring around and found some pretty things and then we went to the river. Yeah, about the river. Andrew is GREAT at rock hopping, right? He has the skateboard advantage. Me? I'm a soccer chick. Soo... when I went to do some hopping of my own I slipped on a wet rock and fell on my hip. It was horrible. I have some spine issues so we had to cut our camping trip short so I could take it a little easier and heal up. But we didn't let it ruin our weekend!
post fall, enjoying the water and totally chilling out
My dad actually came to our site to check on us. This was my very first camping trip with out him so I think he was a little nervous which was the sweetest thing. He's Mr. Mountain Man anyway so it was pretty cool to have him come by and appreciate how we had set up and get his nod of approval.

I'll share more in another post. After we packed up we went up higher on the parkway and got some rad shots. I can't wait to share them with you! How was your weekend?

xo Shannon


cb said...

yay! what a wonderful trip and how romantic that it rained! umm and how cute is your dad!! love how cute he is to check up on his little girl <3 love it. can't wait to hear more and i am sending you healing vibes to your poor little hip! rest easy girl!


Ashley @ AfterNineToFive.net said...

Looks like such a wonderful trip! Glad you had a good time. :]

AmyMorby said...

omgggg I'm wildly jealous! So so happy for you, and you're probably the cutest couple ever. Your next purchase should totally be a Westy. You guys would LOVE it! :)

Cay said...

Um, my weekend was great, partially because I go to talk to YOU, Sis! And I thought this story was precious over the phone, but now that I'm seeing photos, I can't get over how lovely it is that you guys went camping for your 1-year. Hello husband/wife, let me share my soul. You know exactly what I mean. Couldn't have been more perfect. I love you!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Everything does taste better in the woods! Man, i love camping, it's so much fun!

Great pictures, looks like you both had a wonderful and cute time together! :)

Jolie Singletary said...

I am so excited to have found your blog via Moorea Seal. I am a fellow blogger/camper/hiker and I just moved to the Blue Ridge area (Hendersonville) last year. I am so excited to finally find another blogger from this area.

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