Thursday, June 23

Photo An Hour | 9am

So, about 30 minutes ago I decided to dub Thursday:  photo an hour day. Not for 24 hours or anything, that is over kill and I promise my life is not that interesting. I'm thinking for about 8 hours.Wanna join? Cause, you can if you want :] Some of them will be legit with Amos and some will be with my phone. Here we go! This should be fun!


Angus kitten sleeping in, it's crazy rainy outside this morning. I love it when he rests on his mat in front of the tent he often frequents. At heart, he's totally a mountain cat.

xo S


patty said...

Did y'all buy one of those little mock display tents for Angus? That thing is awesome :)

shannonbear said...

Hi Patty! We didn't buy it, Andrew actually found it in a parking lot! We love it, he's the most precious thing when he sleeps in it!

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