Thursday, June 23

Photo An Hour | 4 & 5pm

4:00 & 5:00

After learning there was nothing Best Buy could do but charge me money, a sum that I could use to buy a brand new lappy (wah wah), I came home to Angus in a tree. Stuck in a tree. Unfortunately for Angus I'm a cat lady that won't come into the tree to preform a rescue, I will however take lots of photos of  him and coax him down with love and treats. 

He got down safely and then we played in the yard for a little while. He's kinda great like that :] Thanks for sharing in my day! Now I'm going to settle in with a movie, probably Hercules, think of something for dinner and, wait for Andrew to come home from work! 

Happy Thursday!
xo S


cb said...

i love all the pictures you have posted! so fun! angus is so cute! i love that you can let him out in the yard!! i wish little rosie could do that but she just is too curious that she just runs and plays and doesn't come back for hours and then i worry...we have a TON of stray cats around our house and she isn't the brightest kitty so i worry she will get herself in a pickle plus i don't want to pay the vet bill if she loses a fight! eek my poor little rosie


Rach Gent said...

what a great blog! love the post. :) now a treat for you! check out my most recent post. you're mouth will water. ;)

follow me?

shannonbear said...

Thanks, Rach! I'll check out your delicious post, too!

shannonbear said...

thanks, lady! i think angus is the most precious kitten ever, he just tickles me to death! yeah, i wouldn't be comfortable letting her out either, good thing she has you guys to love on her!

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