Tuesday, June 14

Pay it Forward!

Remember Pay it Forward? I do! I signed up for Amy's and I was so excited when I pushed submit on the comment form because I knew she would make something amazing!

She made me a turban! It's cream and velvety and SO pretty! What's so great about this is that I've always wanted one of these and here it is! Thank you, Amy! It's gorgeous and I love wearing it!

For those of you who signed up for mine, don't you worry I haven't forgotten about it! I'm still trying to figure out the perfect thing to make for you! Hopefully I'll have them out in the next couple of weeks!

Happy Turban Tuesday!
xo Shannon


AmyMorby said...

YESSSS!!! it looks uh-mazing on you! I'm so so so glad you love it. Yay! I love Pay it Forward.

shannonbear said...

Do I ever love it! I didn't know how I'd look in one but I like how it looks too!!

Anna said...

It suits you! Post some pics of you wearing it. XXX

shannonbear said...

Thanks! I'm wearing it the photos above but I need to get some close up shots of it! That is a job for the Mr. when he gets home! :]

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