Thursday, June 2

5 Favorite Things | Summer Edition

I hate hot. Nice, lead there, eh? But no really, hot weather makes me miserable. That being said, I want to find 5 things having to do with summer that I can consider my favorite! Maybe positive thinking will take the drag off sweating to death and wanting to walk around naked in public.

1. Seeing a thunderhead and knowing a thunderstorm is heading in our direction! At least if it's hot as heck during the day we get some lovely storms in the afternoon to cool things off!

2. Sundresses! Holy, I love sundresses!

3. Bon fires and smores!

4. Getting our little sweet blue in July or August!

5. Being married to Mr. Horton for a year in July! That might be my absolute favorite thing about summer, our wedding anniversary! Can't beat celebrating being in love with your best friend!

There! That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! What are some of your favorite things about summer?

xo Shannon


Nadine said...

Awww, I love summer so much. Tho' I dislike sweating, too. I never get those people who like to sit in the sun for hours, I prefer shadowy places!!
Lovely, beautiful dresses up there in the pic.
And really, you're gettin a little pup? Awww, too cute!

Here's to a happy weekend. XO.

AmyMorby said...

I hate summer, too! I mean, I love the fun things to do like picnics and community events, but the heat...oh, the heat. I swear it's straight 90-110 degrees in Utah all the way through October. I struggle every year! Way to go on staying positive. I ought to do the same!

Amylou said...

smores = love!
And I think that pup just melted my heart!
Happy almost anniversary!

Fresh Out of Lemons said...

My anniversary is in July too! The 14th. :)

cb said...

can i start by saying that i would GLADLY take your hot weather over this annoying rain again off again rain any day! i soooo badly want to wear a tank top and shorts...any way you could send the warmth this way? i know that is totally asking a lot :D


Ashley @ said...

LOVE smores! Yum! And that dog is so cute! :]

shannonbear said...

oh girl, if only I could! I will absolutely share this crazy heat with you!

shannonbear said...

Aww! Fun! Happy almost anniversary!! xo

shannonbear said...

Gracais, Amy!! I can't wait until we get our wee pup and are able to celebrate one year! Eeeek!

shannonbear said...

Ugh, we're on the same page, Amy! I don't know if I could do Utah in the summer, shoo gosh! I actually think my positive thinking has made it more bearable... until I had to deal with boob sweat today. Gross.

shannonbear said...

Happy weekend back, Nadine! Shady places are the BEST in hot weather! Add that to my list of favorites, seems like nothing makes you appreciate something until it gives you relief from something you don't like! xoxo

janna lynn said...

Sweeet! :)

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