Friday, May 27


Huzzah! Friday is finally here! Since this week has been so great for Andrew and I (not like every week isn't great but, you know what I mean) I'm being sappy for this week's quote. Sorry if you puke in your mouth a little. This time the photo is actually of Andrew and I both, our friend Jeff took it! He's kind of great like that. During our ember art adventure in the back yard we decided to draw our hearts fused together. This quote is pretty much perfect for us and especially that moment.

Happy Flipping Friday!!
xo Shannon


Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

This is beautiful. I love a great quote. :)

(No puking in my mouth. Not even a little!)

candice said...

Love the quote and the photo is too sweet! Don't worry, everyone's allowed to be sappy every now and then =)

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