Monday, May 30

Mini Corner Makeover

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Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours - more details later!

Our house is pretty small, like you have to go outside to change your mind. But, we really enjoy living here. It's taken some pretty great creativity to make it a functional home for the two of us and our small herd of pets! Andrew has a turtle and a frog - Gurgle and Green Man, he brought them in for the winter so they wouldn't freeze to death in our mountain snows, which was a great idea except that it took up an entire corner of our living room. He recently moved them back outside and I got a chance to fill the corner in with some recent thrifted scores and a home made chalkboard. Our record player is on loan from our sweet friend, Lynn. So we're in the market for one of our own but I'm so grateful to her for letting us borrow hers!

This is my current favorite spot in our house! I love being able to relax with a record on and some coffee. I've actually taken to working in that chair when I'm editing or leather smithing, that's why you see the laptop under the chair!
Any makeover projects going on in your world?
xo Shannon

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