Wednesday, May 25

Hiking in a Dress

I am sitting on my couch. Gilmore girls is playing in the background, the cats are jumping out the window, Roofus is sleeping at my feet, it's cool and sunny for this time in the morning, and my coffee just perked. 
Life is good.

tape strip c/o amy!
 *all photos taken by Andrew and myself, copyright is to be observed, give credit if you borrow*

Over the weekend we went to see Chris's pottery in a pretty fancy art show on the parkway. Of course my thinking was if we're going to be on the parkway anyway we might as well take it back over the mountain to our town. Since the art show was pretty fancy I wore a dress and some Birkenstock sandals, you know cute stuff. Little did I know that Andrew would pull us off the side of the road for a spontaneous hiking trip. 

It. Was. Awesome.

I know a lot of random places that people have never heard of because of my Dad. Like if I ask someone if they've ever pulled off at some random place and hiked in about a mile and seen the field with the pond with the native fish, (fulling expecting someone to know) they all look at me with vacant expressions. Then the crickets start in the background. So, I've grown up knowing the places in the woods that my Dad knew when he was younger or even my age. That's like one of the coolest things ever to me. But, because of that I don't really know where the "popular spots" are. Andrew however, is more well versed in those than I and took me to one of them. It was like magic. 

On the way down the trail we found some Indian Cucumbers. If you live here in the south you may know what they are but, you dig them up and eat the root. They're like the most delicious cucumber you've ever had. They're one of my favorite surprise treats in the woods, and around this time of year I'm always looking for them when I'm out. This time just so happened to be on the trail with my Love and we found the first ones of the season and Andrew tried his very first one. It was a really special moment. 

After our brief snack we met some hippies and then found a dragon tree. For real, a dragon tree. It's the gnarliest thing, it really looks like a tree just engulfed a dragon, like out of a fairy tale!

As we kept hiking, I kept hiking my dress up and tripping in my sandals but I actually really enjoyed it. I'm always prepared, right? Like I always have everything I'll need in the woods, but there was some real freedom in just going on a whim in a dress. Feeling pretty while hiking, it's quite a concept!

Then we emerged. And there it was. Only photos will speak for what we saw.

See? Gorgeous. On the way home we found a boomer and we saw a big doe as she crossed the road in front of us. It was a pretty magical day!

Happy Wednesday!
xo Shannon


Amy - a is for ampersand said...

Ahhh so jealous! So so pretty. Kinda want to drive my Westy to it and live there. :)

Amylou said...

So so pretty! I wish I was hiking there right now!
That dragon tree is ridiculously cool!

Kristina said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

Sarah Von said...

How cute are you guys?! Also, I think it's totally valid to hike in a dress - I hiked for multiple days in Peru wearing big dangly earrings!

cb said...

hiking in a dress, YES PLEASE! oh i wish we have indian cucumbers here, i so want to try it!

wow that tree is awesome! totally looks like some kinda of dear or goat!! nature is so awesome!


Kristina said...

Thanks for the comment ^__^ Would you like to follow each other? ;))

iris said...

This looks beautiful! I'm sure the dress thing wouldn't be such a big deal if it were shorter. In fact, I wonder if they make hiking dresses...

iris said...

This looks beautiful! I'm sure the dress thing wouldn't be such a big deal if it were shorter. In fact, I wonder if they make hiking dresses...

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