Tuesday, April 26

Foxy Foxy, What's it Gonna Be...

Yes that is Rob Zombie and yes, I dig a few of his songs. In fact when I was going through my metal stage I listened to him alllllll the time (still do on occasion). Great beats.

I digress...

Andrew bought me a vinyl copy of Mumford and Sons' record Sigh No More. Let me repeat that... Andrew bought me a copy of Sigh No More on VINYL! 

I'm not sure that we've discussed my love of Mumford but it runs deep and spans oceans. They're so good. Andrew and I actually would love to see them abroad and might be are planning a trip around a date.

I got inspired earlier today and wanted to try and make my very first fox. Since I'm pretty good with the owls now I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a sweet foxy. I put on my new record and sang along with it and in no time I was finished sewing.

Wanna peek?

I simply love how it turned out. I was really excited to discover that I can use the same kind of look from the owls and keep it all a cohesive style!  Ah, I've had the best afternoon! Now for some coffee and a bit of reading. I'm moving into some poetry by Keats and I'm really enjoying it!

Happy Tuesday!
xo Shannon


♥ Nadine ♥ said...

I'm not sure if I even no ONE single song by Rob Zombie. BUT, I do know and I also do LOVE Mumford and Sons. Sososo great. And you've got the Vinyl. Envy!!
This owl is too cute. Really. That button as a nose - too precious. :)


TheLovelyHunter said...

your foxes are adorable! and i am glad to know you also love mumford and sons--soooo good!


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