Monday, April 11

The Farm Woke Me This Morning

We had a FABULOUS weekend! So fabulous that Andrew and I stayed up MUCH later than we actually intended last night.

Since he's started this new job (it's an hour away) he gets up super early. Usually I just sleep while he's getting ready and he'll come and kiss me goodbye - he's like, way sweet - and I just pass back out until 9 or so. Since I'm still riding the great weekend high I actually woke up before him. To a rooster.

Wait...? What?

Yes. A rooster.

It sounds like it's coming from a few mountain ranges away and I swear every time I hear it I picture this little gangly creature that's about 2 inches tall trying it's hardest to be cool and wake every one up. It's a noble job to be sure, but this little thing in my mind just isn't going to cut it. So as I'm laying there this morning I got tickled. So I'm giggling more and more every time I hear it crow and then I hear this random dog start barking.


I've never heard this dog bark before, our neighbor has hounds (heaven when the blue tick howls) but this wasn't a hound. And yet, there it was barking in between crows. This added another hilarious image to the mix and then....

A man (presumably our neighbor) starts grumbling and yelling at this dog to shut up. Can we talk about how all of this is happening at about 5am? So I was effectively woken up by the farm and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't hate it.

Maybe my little rooster could use one of these? :]

Happy Monday, indeed!
xo Shannon (aka: Farm Hand Shannon)

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