Wednesday, April 20

5 Favorite Things!

It's time for 5 new favorite things!

1. Hidden Animal Cups! I love these, they have a bear and an owl. Holla!

2. This love language test. I've always been interested in what my love language is and finally took the test. Apparently mine is touch. But, Andrew already knew that :]

3. This blog post. I'm extremely proud of Andrew and I because of the last photo shoot we did. I'm really excited to watch as our skill improve and our creative personalities shine through our photos!

4. I'm excited to try this crepe recipe from design*sponge! Can we talk about how amazing these look?!

 5. A.E. Horton, so pumped on the garden you've worked so hard on. And, on the fact that you mixed the pink dye for my hair. Thanks for being multifaceted and always excited to help. Love you to the moon!

Happy Wednesday! 
xo Shannon

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