Wednesday, March 16


Oh my word, I'm so excited and I have to share this with you guys! I did a post a while back about our 1 year and was all gushy about how much fun we had and how much we're in love etc etc and shared a few photos. They're like, my favorite of us so far. So, I Heart Faces had a photo challenge this week for sun flares and since I've never entered any of our photos I thought it would be fun. Sun flares are one of the best things in the world to play with when you're taking photos. Well, I got up yesterday and went to our photography blog  to check out stats and do another post and we had 8 comments to be moderated.

Say what?

It turns out that our photo was featured on the I Heart Faces Facebook page as one of their favorite entries! Eeeek! By that alone we got the most hits/comments on that post and photo!


We finally had a big bump (which I won't go into detail about but, it was a very painful experience for me) with a photo shoot we did. So I've been bouncing back but it's taking a bit of time for me to recover. This moment was such a huge deal to me and helped pump my confidence back up and inspired me to take the wisdom from this past negative experience and push forward to keep creating and capturing magical moments.

Here is the photo:

Thanks for sharing this with me!

xo Shannon


jamie said...

aw yay, that's so happy! i really love that picture :] i have a 'photoshoot inspiration' folder i put it in when you first posted it!

xoxo jamie

shannon*bear said...

aw! thanks, Jamie that is so lovely! honored to be part of your inspiration folder!
xo Shannon

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