Sunday, February 6

Super Bowl Sunday Remix

*Warning this is a GUSHY post :-)*

This weekend has been all work. Now, that is NOT a bad thing, it's just been super super busy! We photographed a family's 27th annual super bowl weekend. It was basically the cutest thing ever. The bonus part of this weekend is that I was able to hang out with my friend and her kids all weekend too! I love random reasons to hang out with people I love and haven't seen for a while. It's so fun!

Since we've been super bowl all weekend my mom called and asked us to come over for wings and snacks and to "watch the game". Okay. This is kind of a big deal, because literally this time last year Andrew and I were falling in love. Can I tell you that it blows my mind? In some ways it feels like a life time and in other ways it feels like it was last week. Last year we went to an awkward super bowl party and peaced out before the half time show and retired to my parents house for hot wings and snacks and to "watch the game". Instead of watching the game we sang Jack Johnson and I made him a felt owl which we named Leopold. Leo is currently hanging up in our room.

So tonight, I'm looking forward to hot wings and snacks, singing Jack Johnson, thinking about last year, and enjoying being courted still even though we're married.

What? I warned you it was going to be a gushy post! ;-)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 
xoxo Shannon

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