Tuesday, February 22

Eye Makeup Inspiration | Vintage Remix

*A quick thank you to all of you sweet readers that have weighed in on the pink hair idea! I appreciate your feed back and I feel way more excited and confident about diving in! XO*

Hiya! So, I have a confession to make. I've never really worn a lot of makeup. It was just never really my thing,when I was a little younger I always in the woods or whatever and just didn't have any interest in it. Since I've grown up a little and gotten married I'm just now really discovering my sense of style (beyond jeans and hiking boots) and makeup tricks. It's way exciting too, just to keep discovering fun girly sides of myself and embracing them!

So, I finally picked up a liquid liner pencil with Andrew. He helped me pick it out - insert greatest husband of the year award here - we decided a pencil would be way less frustrating than a regular bottle of liquid liner. I've been playing with it and I really love it! It's way fun and I think it's easier than a regular liner. 

I've been checking out some photos with Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton, Barbra Eden and Judy Garland (I mean, they're some of my total favorites!). Here are a few photos that totally inspire me to play with my make up:

Oh my word I LOVE these classic looks. I miiiight have to check out some lipstick too ;-) Some time soon I'll post my own take on these lovely cat eyes! 

xo Shannon

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