Friday, February 11

Exciting News!

Hiya! Happy Friday!
2 things:
1. I sold my VERY FIRST OWL! It was purchased from my shop today and I'm over the moon about it! For many of you who own an etsy shop you know the amazing feeling I have right now! I'm so excited that my some of hard work has payed off in this small way! And that one of the owls I work so hard and diligently on is going to a new home to bring someone joy! Eeeek! It's a magical moment, friends! If you wanna check out the shop you can see it here!

2. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary. We've spent this week thinking about what were were doing this time last year and laughing about silly memories and honoring others. Like our first kiss in the snow... :] I love to celebrate for any reason, it gives me joy to make a big deal out of something small. A few of my friends are like, "why are you celebrating the day he asked you to be his girlfriend?" My reply, "because, it was the first day of our forever, duh." Sappy right? But so utterly true.

Thanks for sharing this with me!

xo S

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fowler said...

Fun! Happy anniversary. We celebrate everything, too. Day we met, day he asked me to be his gf, etc. And of course our wedding! We don't usually do anything, but sit at home and relish in the moment!

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