Thursday, February 10

5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! It's time for 5 of my favorite things this week!

1. The Music Box!! I don't have a photo or a link for this little shop but it's the best place to find any music you want! It's local to my town and I have yet to find another store to rival it. It also has hippie clothing and some amazing incense. We're burning the opium kind right now :] BUT! We did get Iron and Wine's newest album today! It's magical, the album art alone is worth the purchase!

2. Vintage clocks are striking my fancy right now too. Here are a few lovelies...



3. Cheap headbands. Yes, you read that right. I have some of the super cheap plastic headbands from Walmart and I LOVE them. I like dressed up and fancy head bands but sometimes I just want a super simple look. My favorite is to mis-match them with my outfit. It's so much fun!


4. Moleskine journals. I've had a Moleskine since I was 15 or so. They're my favorite kind of notebook to scribble my thoughts or inspirations in. You can customize them to your style when you get one too, like I have one covered in contact paper and another with stickers all over it. My favorite is the graph paper. 


5. A.E. Horton, Loved making out with you in the snow last night. Thanks for recreating out very first kiss in the cold with our noses being kissed with snowflakes! Love you more than snow cream! xo

Thanks for sharing these with me! Happy Wednesday!

xo S

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