Sunday, January 23

A Very Special Surprise!

Have I ever shared with you that I love mail? I love getting special things in the mail, especially letters! I'm old fashioned that way, but then who doesn't love getting something lovely in the mail?

Andrew and I came home from an adventure the other night and we checked the mail (hoping for the 4WD module for Evie) and found a pink package from the UK... wait, the UK? We have friends that live over there but we haven't been expecting anything from them. Our interest and excitement were instantly peaked. Brimming with anticipation we drove home and sat in the drive way (unable to make it inside) to discover more of our package. 

It was from our friend Annie! She's a lovely spirit who just moved to London from Seattle. She spent her holiday in Norway with friends and traveled around to magical places! We adore her, pretty much everything about her. Have I mentioned that Annie and I haven't met yet?! And, I already love her! Have you ever had that happen to you? I hope so, it's pretty special!

This is Annie in Norway! ♥

She had written us a letter on a map, we think from like a train station. It features most of Europe but mostly Latvia. We're thinking that this wee map and gift made it from Scandinavia to London to North Carolina. AMAZING! 

Yep, it's an owl candle! It was handmade by a local, she said! And, the best part (other than it's super sweet face) is that it smells like honey! It is currently above our bed and her letter is on the fridge! Thanks, Annie! Your gracious spirit uplifts us and makes us happy in our hearts! You are indeed a wee ray of sunshine, spreading the sacred light to others!!

xo Shannon 

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