Thursday, January 27

A Special Peek

Yesterday my Dad came over for a while and decided to help us make some supper. He's like the McGyver of cooks and can make something amazing from three pieces of cheese, a radish and some chives. It's crazy. As newlyweds (I love saying that) we don't exactly have a stocked fridge. I mean it has stuff in it but.... it's like left over pizza, beer, carrots and sausage. 

But. we did actually have some stuff for chili -amazing - so Dad jumped in with cutting boards and knives blazing. We had a really great time throwing stuff into the pot and taste testing and just general joking and backslapping. I snapped this shot of Andrew and Dad laughing about nothing and had to share it. It's just a special peek into my pretty private life. The moment was gone as quickly as it came and I'm so glad to have this shot. These are two of the most precious people in my life!

Happy Friday!

xo Shannon

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AmyLoo said...

Left over pizza, beer, carrots, and sausage...what more do you need? lol

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